My Boyfriend Gets Upset When My Baby Daddy Sleeps Over

I have two sons but my baby father and I are not together. I have been with my current boyfriend for six months.

My baby father knows that I have a boyfriend. Although my baby father and I are not intimate anymore, I allow him to visit the children and he even stays over at our house. When he visits, the children don't want him to leave, so I allow him to a sleepover.

My baby father knows my boyfriend's name and knows where he works, but my boyfriend is against him staying at the house.

My children's father is unemployed. He lost his job but, to put it another way, his business went right down due to COVID-19.

He is only now trying to get back on his feet and I have to remember that he is not a bad man and he has tried to support his children.

He has been a gentleman when he comes around, he neither comes into my room nor has he tried to force himself on me.

He gave up his apartment and has moved back in with his mother. She and I get along very well.

I know he still loves me but I would not go back to him. I am trying to show my partner that although he stays here sometimes, there is nothing between us.

Would you suggest that I tell him not to stay over anymore when he comes to see his children, just to please my boyfriend?