Talk About Old Firestick: I Can't Stop Thinking About My Uncle

I have a serious problem I want to relate to you. I consider you the right person to talk to about this matter. I am 25 and I have a deep love in my heart for my uncle.

He knows I love him, and he loves me. When I was 19, I went to stay with him. He gave me my own room and he had his own room.

His wife was away for a few days and she knew that I was there. My parents did not think anything was wrong with me going there; he was my special uncle, and I was his special niece.

From the time I was a child, he has given me anything I needed, and he helped to send me to school. So when I went to visit him, several times during the night I would go into his room and stay with him.

I remember him asking me why I liked to come into his bed and I would laugh. First, I would play with his beard and then the hair on his stomach. I did that the first night and he fell asleep. Then I went to bed after he fell asleep.

But another night while I was rubbing him down, he started rubbing me too, not only on my breast but also on my vagina. I ended up having sex with my uncle, and afterwards, he said, 'Look what you made me do'.

Several times after that we had sex, but we only had unprotected sex the first time. Before I went to spend time with him, I had a boyfriend. He does not know that I cheated on him, and I will never tell him.

To this very day, if I ever needed anything, I can always call on my uncle. He always asks when I am getting married. I can never forget this man. Although my boyfriend takes good care of me, he can never take the place of my uncle.

Once in a while I dream that my uncle has me in his arms, and it looks so real, but it is not. Please, tell me what to do.