Healthiest Vegetable in The World Which Works Wonders For Your Health

Whether you’re someone who is already in love with beets and consume it regularly, then, you are not new to the wonderful effects in brought to your body.

Do not be hesitant to cook and eat it because beets are highly nutritious root vegetables packed with numerous health properties, minerals and vitamins.

  1. Lowering blood pressure: Beets are good source of nitrates. Nitrates are then converted to into nitric acid which helps the arteries improve and dilate the flow of blood circulation.
  2. Anemia: Beets are high in iron. It helps greatly in treating anemia that are of iron deficient origin.
  3. Cancer: Beets are rich in betacyanin and phytochemicals along with other compounds that help fight off cancer cells from breaching the circulation.
  4. Osteoporosis: It is due to the weakening of the bones that usually comes with age. Coincidentally, beets are good source of Silica minerals that help in utilizing the calcium that our body takes thus, preventing thin bones from forming.
  5. Inflammation: Beets are rich in betaine that that helps soothe an inflammation.
  6. Stamina: The vasodilation property of beets help the body be awake because of the even blood pressure. This helps improve stamina since the heart can easily pump in oxygen for the organs to use.
  7. Asthma: Beets are a good source of magnesium and vitamin C that help relax the constricted air pathways that are usually contracted when one experience an episode of asthma.
  8. Dementia: It is one scary disease to catch. This is caused by the blockage of the blood flow in the brain causing brain damage. The dilation property of the beets helps you avoid dementia.
  9. Diabetes: Beets has long been used for diabetes. Type II diabetes are the one being controlled by beets in helping people consume sweets such as the crop yet receive low glucose content.
  10. Pregnancy: Beets will not make you pregnant of course, but, instead, helps you in giving nutrients to your precious babies. with all the things mentioned above, isn’t it obvious that beets are high in vitamins and minerals?
  11. Macular degeneration: Our eyesight fades within age, luckily, beets also contain beta-carotene that helps promote eye health.
  12. Liver cleaning: The antioxidants present in the liver help detoxify and cleanse it for optimum capacity and efficiency.