21-Y-O Woman; 3 Months Pregnant; Shot 5 Times; Tells Terrifying Encounter

Shaniece Robinson was spending the night with her boyfriend in Toronto, Canada, on July 2, 2017, when gunmen entered the house they were in and fired shots on them.

The 21-year-old Jamaica-born was three months pregnant at the time, “I didn't know where I got shot, I was panicking, I thought I got shot in my stomach. I felt like I was gonn a die, I felt dizzy, nauseous. I was just praying that my baby would be alright,” she said.

Robinson said she received five shots, three in her chest, and two in her right leg. Her boyfriend received two shots, in his left leg and in his hand.

The couple was in Robinson’s boyfriend’s brother’s house. But she said he and his girlfriend had left shortly before the incident took place.

“The girlfriend said she was leaving to go to a barbecue, and she’d be back around five. She told us that her daughter was in the room sleeping, and we said okay,” she said.

“About two hours later, my babyfather’s brother said he was leaving, too. In my head, I knew something was wrong, but I didn’t know what it was,” she said.

She said her instincts were justified about five minutes later “We’re laying down, and then we heard the door open. And then three guys came inside, they covered their faces but we still knew who they were. They spread out in the house, and then I start to scream.

Then one of them turn on the lights and closed the door and then started shooting us,” she said.

According to Robinson, the shooting was a set-up.

“When the gunmen came in, they had the keys to open the door. They didn’t even say nothing, they just came in and started shooting,” she said.

She said her boyfriend called the police, who then took them to the hospital. There, she spent a week and two days, and underwent surgery to remove a bullet that had lodged in her back.

Robinson said the shooters were picked up the same night by the police and have been in jail since. She says the case is still before the court.

Despite the nightmares and anxiety that she said she now experiences, when she reflects on that night, the fact that her baby wasn’t hurt is enough comfort.

“They said that I was lucky, she’s perfectly fine. I thought something would have happened to her. During my whole pregnancy I was going to the doctor, I did a whole lot of test, and they told me she was gonna be normal.

She’s now a 13-month-old, energetic, happy and healthy baby,” she said.