Samsung Recalls Note 7 Smart Phones As They are Known to Expload

A Jeep recently burst into flames after a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 set alight when it was put on charge inside the vehicle.

{xtypo_dropcap}T{/xtypo_dropcap}he news follows a six-year-old boy being rushed to hospital in New York to be treated for burns to his body after a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 caught fire in his hands.

The model is also said to be the cause of more than $1,800 AUD (£1,028) worth of damage after catching fire in a hotel room while on charge, a reddit user said. Images which indicates the Jeep fire was caused by the phone exploding, emerge as Samsung has been forced to recall 2.5 million Note 7 devices due to a fault in the battery.

It has urged owners of the £750 smartphone to switch their devices off immediately and exchange them after reports that at least 35 of the phones overheated and broke. In the UK, it has offered to exchange the potentially dangerous Note 7 devices with new phones that have improved batteries by September 19.

The US Federal Aviation Administration last week warned airline passengers not to turn on or charge the new Samsung smartphones during flights.

The unprecedented recall has dealt a major blow to the firm's reputation and this morning its shares nosedived from 7.11 per cent on the Seoul stock market to 1.46 million won (£993). 

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Samsung, which is increasingly squeezed by Apple's iPhone in the high-end market and Chinese rivals in the low-end segment, launched the Note 7 earlier than expected - ahead of the September 7 launch of the iPhone 7.

Hwang Min-Sung, analyst at Samsung Securities, said the fallout from the recall - which involves 2.5 million handsets distributed in 10 countries - may slash the firm's profit later this year by more than one trillion won. Before the Korean company issued the recall, around 1 million phones had been sold, with a further 1.5 million in stores.