Mother Watched Killer Sharpening a Knife The Day Before She Was Killed

Police sources are indicating the man identified as a person of interest in the killing a woman and her four children is suspected to be involved in lottery scamming.

It is understood that the person, Roshane Barnett, had to flee Trelawny.

This after it’s alleged he was involved in a lottery scamming dispute in the parish.

The dispute reportedly turned violent forcing Barnett to flee the parish.

The slain woman reportedly played the good samaritan, offering Barnett safe harbour at her home in Clarendon.

But that relationship became sour with Barnett and the woman, who’s reportedly his cousin, started to clash.

Police sources have told our news centre that Barnett and the dead woman, clashed over Barnett’s alleged use of their yard to sell ganja.

It’s reported that several domestic disputes developed.

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In addition, sources indicate that the dead woman reportedly saw Barnett sharpening a knife the day before she was killed.

Barnett is reportedly no stranger to law enforcement.

It’s alleged he was dragged before the court on accusations of unlawful wounding relating to the stabbing his father.

However, the case was reportedly dropped after Barnett’s father declined to move forward with the matter.

He remains at large.

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