Woman Visiting a Friend Fatally Stabbed in Confrontation With Another Woman

A 23-y-o woman, Letica Hall of Red Bank of St. Elizabeth travelled to Runaway Bay in April 4, 2022, on a secret trip to meet up with a secret friend.

At about 10:30pm that night she had an altercation with a female which ended her trip and also her life.

After realizing what was happening and was about o leave, a stone was thrown on her car.

Hall exits the vehicle and there was a physical confrontation which resulted in Hall been fatally stabbed..

The woman accused of murder cannot be found.

Sources leaked information that on April 4, Hall borrowed her mother's car to go to Black River but ended up in St. Ann to look for a "special someone". Upon arrival she met with an unexpected female.

A few words were thrown after which a knife was brought into play resulting in the fatal stabbing.

'We are kindly asking you to turn your self in immediately. 

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