Straight From Prison: Gang-leader Send Hit For Pregnant 'Baby-Mother'

The St James police have confirmed that a pregnant woman who was yesterday shot dead in the arms of her teenage lover at her home in Norwood, St James, is the babymother of an accused gang leader currently behind bars facing murder charges.

Thirty-three-year-old Suewaine Pennicott, otherwise called ‘Sue Sue’ and who was three months pregnant, was killed along with 19-year-old Barrington Clarke, otherwise called ‘CJ’, in the predawn attack at Chico Lane in Hendon, Norwood. Both victims were unemployed.

Reports are that about 3:50 a.m., Pennicott, who also has four-year-old twins, was asleep with Clarke in her two-apartment house when men armed with high-powered weapons and handguns kicked off a board gate and gained entry to the yard.

The gunmen then broke a window and kicked open a door to the house, after which they opened fire, hitting Pennicott and Clarke multiple times before fleeing.

When the police were alerted by residents, they found both deceased cuddling in the bloodied bed with several 9mm and 5.56 spent shells all over the room.

Pennicott’s twins were discovered unhurt in an adjoining room.

A senior police officer told that the woman may have been targeted because of her relationship with the accused gangster with whom she had the twins and Clarke, who hailed from the adjoining community.

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