Business Woman Executed In Sight of Children Who Begged Not to Shoot

Businesswoman 42-year-old Melissa Wright was gunned down during a robbery at her home in Clarendon last night.

Her children reportedly pleaded with her attackers not to shoot their mother.

She was shot several times.

It is reported that Wright and her family were at home in the community of Bellcarries when about 7:30 pm they were pounced upon by two men who kicked in a door.

The men, one armed with a gun and the other with a knife, then entered a room where the family had gathered.

Family members were ordered to leave the room while Wright remained behind. The men then demanded money from Wright and subsequently opened fire.

The attackers then fled. The police were alerted and the injured woman was taken to hospital where she was pronounced dead. Meanwhile, People's National Party caretaker Richard Azan condemned the killing.

“One of the major things I believe is that we have lost love in our country and respect for life and the culture of how we treat each other, we have to find a way to correct it,” said Azan. “It is sad.

Just a couple of months ago another murder was committed couple chains away where a garden fork was used to kill somebody,” he said.

Azan bemoaned that murders are now taking place in peaceful communities.

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