Tall Black Slim Youth With 'Stick Gun' Doing Door to Door Robbery in St Elizabeth

ST ELIZABETH, Jamaica — Residents of Lititz district in St Elizabeth are livid that they are being preyed upon by a lone gunman who has been terrorising the community over the past month.

According to residents, the lone gunman, described as a "tall, slim, black man" uses a modus operandi where he sticks up unsuspecting residents and marches them to their places of residence where he robs them.

He then forces his victims to trick their neighbours so that he can gain access to their homes as well.


The gunman reportedly robbed four houses on First Street in Lititz on Sunday night using this method. "Four separate houses were robbed (Sunday) night.

The gunman saw someone on the road and stick dem up and took them to their house.

He spent the next two hours ah dig down the people dem yard, and ah ask who else in the lane has money. He also asked for gold and chains, but it seems it was mostly phones he was after," a resident told the media.


Lititz District is a community on the Manchester/ St Elizabeth border. Residents said that after robbing that family, the gunman gained access to a neighbouring home by forcing his victims to feign an emergency to trick their neighbours.

The residents are demanding help from the authorities to address the situation as people are cowering in fear.

"First, the tief dem start rob bars in the area, then the people dem stop go bar, so dem gone to house-breaking now.

We need help from the police, regular patrols or something, this is the fifth robbery in two weeks," one resident complained.


The gunman eventually got five phones, one of which was later recovered by residents scouring the bushes, as well as a sum of close to $5,000. "Last week, the gunman robbed mechanic Mark of four phones and about $19,000. The same gunman -- a tall, black, slim youth -- saw Mark's son outside after him go shop, stick him up and marched him back to his house and rob the whole family, and take way bout four phone and the money.

We need the Junction Police to do better, all dem do is de a road ah check fi insurance, and we need protection and regular patrols," the resident said.

Head of the St Elizabeth police Superintendent Dwight Daley told he had received reports of a robbery at one house Sunday night, and that the gunman had robbed phones and a small sum of money.

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