Stabbed 30 Times by Jealous EX, Woman Fear The Worst if He Comes Back

Nalia Dennis, who was stabbed 30 times and left for dead by her jealous ex-lover in November of last year, says she is fearful that the incident might reoccur to an even more extreme extent as police officers in her area have not been doing enough to provide safety for her.

Dennis, who resides in Annotto Bay, St Mary, has been home for a month since being discharged from a rehabilitation centre in Kingston and not once, she says, has police personnel attempted to visit and document her long-overdue statement of what happened on the night of the heinous attack.

“From the incident happen, no police don’t come and talk to me. I understand in the first half because I could barely talk, but I’m better now.

Every time my aunt go to the police station and tell them to come to my house they said that they would come and all now they don’t reach. They keep asking if she don’t have any transportation to bring me to the station, and they should come to me because I am disabled,” Dennis told the media

She added: “Is six months now since the incident and no form of interest from them and it makes me sad, and they said they can’t put him on the wanted list for St Mary because they haven’t taken a statement from me.”

Dennis’s plea is for an increased police presence in the area of the community which she resides.

As it was while she was outside of her house that the man, named as a person of interest by the police and who is also the father of her children, came into the yard and started a conversation about their daughter.

During the conversation the alleged attack occurred. The following morning her blood-drenched body was found at her aunt’s shop outside the house.

“Mi just feel like they are not taking this thing serious. Are they going to wait until something more serious happen to me before they come?” she asked

“If the police was at least patrolling the area and just look out, I would feel more safe. Mi not even hear no police jeep on the road. I’m home but mi scared.

I have to be listening if anybody is coming for me and sometimes mi not even sleep because mi a fret say him might come attack mi again,” she added.

Dennis says she is anxiously waiting for the suspect to be caught, as that would make her feel less worried.

“I want the police to do more for my safety and try their best to find him because I need closure. I want to know what was the reason for him to destroy me like this,” she said.

The wounds have damaged the left side of her body, leaving it dysfunctional, but she has been trying to remain positive.

“The left side of my body is damaged, I lost hearing in the left ear, my left nostril can’t smell anything and my left eye is gone.

The left leg is also not as strong as the right one and my left hand is not so functional.

I try to be happy because I’m around my family and children, but other times I’m sad. I’m going to church and I’m gonna get baptised, but they said I have to start walking better first,” she lamented.

Source: Sunday Observer.

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