MAD OUT 😠: Jamaican Suicidal Rate Increases

More Jamaicans are committing suicide with the latest data showing a 26 per cent increase in the number of persons who took their lives in 2022 compared with the previous year. 

But the country's rate of just over two per 100,000 of the population remains well below the global average of 9.2 per 100,000. 

The latest Jamaican figures were published in the Economic and Social Survey Jamaica released recently by the Planning Institute of Jamaica. 

The report said 64 suicides were recorded in 2022, moving up from 51 in 2021. 

Males accounted for 90.6 per cent of victims.

Hanging continued to be the most common method used (75.0 per cent).

Four victims in 2022 were below 18 years and seven were over 65 years.

In September 2020 Health and Wellness Minister Dr Christopher Tufton said data indicated that prior to COVID-19 approximately one million people died globally each year due to suicide, and while the rate in Jamaica, at 2.1 per 100,000 or about 47 to 56 deaths per year, is low by comparison, it is still a matter of concern.

Research findings indicate that family disruption, relationship problems, social isolation, trauma, grief, loss, and economic problems are among the risk factors for suicide.

The global total of suicide deaths has decreased since 2000, from almost 800,000 to a little over 700 000 in 2019. Crude death rate for suicides declined by 29 per cent during that period, from 13 deaths per 100, 000 of the population to 9.2 deaths per 100 000 population, according to a 2022 World Health Organisation report.

Persons contemplating suicide may reach out to the Ministry of Health's suicide helpline at 888 NEW LIFE (639-5433).

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