Prophet Claims 14 Year Old Bottle of Oil Grants US Visas

Colourful pastor Jahmar 'Sniper Prophet' Watson has ventured into the 'healing oil' business, offering consecrated olive oil to persons facing various life problems.

Watson, who operates Ark of the Covenant Prophetic Ministries, requires persons to make a seed faith offering of US$30 (approximately $4,500) for a small vial.

The clergyman said he was instructed by God to consecrate the oils 14 years ago. He insisted, too, that he is not seeking to profit from the name of God, and has sought to justify attaching a cost to the oils.

"It is not about the money, but we have to be real because we cannot do anything without money. The US$30 fee is a form of contribution so that we can always buy some more oil for persons to have it. It is for the work of the Almighty God because when they are using the oil, you will have to go on a fasting and it will pull you closer to God," he said.

The oils, he said, are loaded with specific energies for purposes such as marriage, finances, and immigration.

"The immigration oil is fully loaded for green card, citizenship, [and] embassy appointments. I can tell you that if you follow the instructions then you are sure of getting through. It will also speed up your immigration process. There is also a oil for court issue, and if they want the court to rule in their favour, we have that. There is nothing impossible for God," the preacher said.

The use of 'loaded oils' is not uncommon in Jamaica. Users normally rely on spiritualists or obeahmen to provide them with potions to either deliver luck, ward off evil or inflict blows on others. Watson, asked whether he is straying into an area which is viewed as the domain of obeahmen, said consecrated olive oils have been used by religious leaders for centuries.

"I only do it when God asks me to do it. Sometimes the Lord will tell me to take a three or five year break and then he will tell me to do it again. The last time I did something like this was two years ago, and I had pushed out over a 1,000 [vials of] oils, and I took a break as God permitted me. And two years later, the Lord said to do it again," he said.

Continuing about the various oils he has on offer, Watson said he has a "yard olive oil" that is ideal for persons who have problematic neighbours. Watson instructed persons to put seven drops of the oil in a warm bottle of water, read Psalm 91 over it, and sprinkle around the yard.

"What this will do would cause every negative energy and spirit to be dismissed from your yard. It may even cause the neighbours or tenants to leave as well," he said.

Watson said the yard, finances and immigration oils are in great demand.

"I can tell you that I met a Coaster bus driver and I consecrated a $100 [finances oil] for him and told him that he would make much more than he was already making. I asked him if he would buy mi a little Malta out of it and he said sure. Up to this day, the man making crazy money," the pastor said.

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