Church Sister Stole My Man

I am in my late 30s and I have a son and daughter. My husband is abusive. He wasn't like that when we just met.

We used to attend church together, but he backslid and got involved with a church sister. She is a much older woman, but she likes younger men.
I used to warn him about her.
Sometimes while we were in bed, she called him and told him that something was wrong and she wanted him to come and repair it for her.

One night I asked her whether the problem couldn't wait until the morning, and she said the pipe had burst. I got really angry and asked her if she was sure that it was not her personal plumbing that needed to be fixed.

I demanded to accompany my husband. He said I should stay home. I told him that if I couldn't go with him, then he could not leave.

So I grabbed the car keys and put them in my panties. The woman called back and I told her my husband was not coming, so she should call a plumber.

She told me she didn't want my husband because he is too poor for her. She has stopped talking to me.

I noticed that my husband got closer to her, so I reported both of them to our pastor, and that made matters worse.

My husband used to leave work and go straight to her house. She gave him dinner and he eventually stopped eating what I cooked.

So I stopped leaving dinner for him. One night, my husband and I had a fight because he wanted to have sex and I told him that he should go and have sex with his dirty girl.

I did not call the woman's name, but he said he knew I was talking about her. For three months I gave him no sex, and that woman was there helping him out.

He stopped attending church. This woman was always badmouthing me. She even said that my husband told her that he saw me with another man.

My church does not believe in divorce, but I cannot continue to live this way. He told our pastor that he would come back, but he does not promise to leave the other woman, because I refuse to give him sex.

He used to leave his dirty clothes here for me to wash, but I stopped washing them. He holds these things against me: no food, no sex. and no washing.

How can I do these wifely duties while he has another woman?

Please tell me the truth about how you believe I should handle this problem.


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