Crocodile Grab Man Bathing Under Stand Pipe Near Gully

The night of Thursday, April 27, will always be an unforgettable one for Richard, a resident of New Haven, Kingston 20.

Having just completed a day's work, he said he had gone to the community's standpipe, located on the banks of the Duhaney River, to get a refreshing shower. But he was almost eaten alive by a crocodile, which attempted to drag him away from the pipe. Fortunately, he escaped with minor injuries to his left leg.

"Mi turn mi back to di gully and mi just feel like somebody a try grab mi. Di crocodile scrape mi up and mi was so frighten, suh mi guh suh and flash him off. Him just drop back inna di gully suh, 'splash', and yuh can see di white under him belly. It look like a one young one, and a try him did a try box mi off in the gully," Richard said.

He said that he had to seek medical attention immediately, as he was concerned that his injury could be poisonous. Richard said that despite almost being a meal for the reptile, he continues to shower at the standpipe.

"Anything is anything, and mi nuh fear people, much less crocodile. NEPA (National Environment and Planning Agency) come take picture, but all now mi nuh see dem back. Mi don't want dem wait until sumpn happen, yuh see government come round here a try reimburse people and a hug dem up. Don't wait until sumpn happen [then] unnu come say sorry," he said.

Another resident, Christine Jenkins, whose dwelling is situated just footsteps away from the Duhaney River, said one crocodile comes out between three or four times a day, especially when the time is hot.

"Him nuh 'fraid enuh, because him see mi all a take him picture and like him deh deh a say 'a just one a unnu mi wah grab, all unnu a take picture'. Him big and him nah hide," she said.

Jenkins pleaded with the relevant authorities to clean the garbage-filled gully, as it is only breeding crocodiles and mosquitoes.

"The last time the gully clean was years ago. A lot of pickney come on the banking come catch fish and come bathe; and dem don't know the danger. Dem can drop in deh and den yuh can't find yuh pickney, only fi know say crocodile nyam him," she said.

She added that while they are partially to be blamed for the huge build-up of garbage, the bulk of it, including old appliances, washes down from other areas when it rains.

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