7 Year Old Beaten Senseless, Raped And Left For Dead Under Mango Tree, St Mary

A seven year-old girl was the victim of a “savage” sexual attack after she was kidnapped for hours in the quiet rural community of Fellowship Hall in St Mary, on Tuesday, residents and police sources have disclosed.

Bloodied and battered, she was rescued by a young boy who found her lying under a mango tree in the community about 5 p.m., nearly nine hours after she left home for school but never made it, residents reported.

Superintendent Bobbette Morgan, who heads the St Mary police, confirmed that “an incident involving a minor” occurred in the community.

Morgan disclosed, too, that “someone” is in custody in connection with the incident but declined further comment, citing the ongoing investigation.

But according to one resident, the seven year-old – when she was able to speak – recounted that her face was covered with a bag and her mouth stuffed with cloth before she was taken to an abandoned building and pummeled by her attacker before she was sexually assaulted and left for dead.

“She couldn’t talk whole a last [Tuesday] night. When she coulda talk dis morning [Wednesday], she say a gain she gain likkle strength and draw til’ she reach the mango tree,” one resident revealed.

No sign of danger

The seven-year-old remained hospitalised up to late yesterday, police and residents revealed.

The residents believe her attacker was part of a group that went in search of her after she was reported missing.

Three cases of rape were recorded in St Mary between January 1 and April 30 this year, compared to none for the corresponding period last year, according to the latest police statistics.

According to residents, there were no signs of danger when the child left home early Tuesday for school, said to be located behind her home. “You can literally stay inna di yard and hear the teachers and the pickney dem.”

But they said panic began to set in hours later after classes were dismissed and there was no sign of the seven-year-old.

“But she never reach a school. And is like hours a come now and dem a look fi har and dis likkle boy a come from school ‘bout 5 o’clock and see har lay down under one mango tree,’” one shaken resident related.

According to the resident, the child told police investigators that she lost consciousness during the attack.


“Him deal wid har wicked. Buss up di whole a har face. Me just feel like say him did a watch har.”

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