Self Confessed Fraudster, Jean Ann Panton Health ‘dying?’

Attorney Sylvester Hemmings says the health condition of his client, self confessed fraudster, Jean Ann Panton is deteriorating while being housed at a correctional facility.

Panton appeared in the Home Circuit Court Wednesday, for a renewed bail application.

In making his submissions, Mr. Hemmings says Panton’s condition is life threatening and that her health needs to be safeguarded.

Shaloy Smikle has more in this report.

According to Mr. Hemmings, Panton has had several episodes of seizures which led to her suffering a stroke while in custody, after her bail was initially denied in February.

He said doctors at the correctional facility ordered a medical investigation which included a CT brain scan.

He added that efforts were made by a phlebotomist to obtain blood from Panton but no vein could be located.

Mr. Hemmings attributed her deteriorating health to poor nutrition at the correctional facility and her not having access to necessary medications.

He submitted that she’s forced to buy snack items such as cheese and cornflakes at a tuck shop which which costs an average 30-thousand dollars per month.

He said his client has not been receiving the required physiotherapy sessions following a surgery she had in August 2022.

But the Crown contested that the only new material being put forward is the single allegation of Panton suffering a stroke.

The Prosecutor said steps have been made to accommodate Panton’s, physiotherapy as recent as Tuesday of this week.

The Crown called to the witness stand the medical doctor who examines Panton on a weekly basis.

The male doctor said Panton reported to him on February 28 that she had a seizure four days before.

But after a medical examination was conducted, the doctor said no seizure like activity was observed.

He said no report was made concerning a stroke and that he attended to her just last week Wednesday.

The doctor said he never saw any indication of paralysis, loss of speech or any other symptoms associated with a stroke.

The renewed bail application will continue on Thursday at 10 in the morning.

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