Next Door Neighbor Killed My Baby

Although he was just eight months old, Devon 'Na Na' Brooks Jr was the light bulb of his household and kept his mother Ann-Marie Williams and his siblings on their toes.

The last of 15 children for his father Devon Brooks Sr, little Devon was the apple of his eye. But Brooks and Williams will never hear the youngster's coos or giggles again as he died last Saturday, three days after he was rushed to hospital with various injuries including a fractured skull and broken ribs.

"This morning [yesterday] mi go home and mi can't believe mi baby nuh deh pon di bed. Mi can't believe all now say mi baby dead. Mi can't stay a mi house to tell yuh di truth, because everywhere mi look, mi baby things dem deh all bout," Williams said.

Williams, who lives in Homestead, Spanish Town, St Catherine, said she recently began working in the janitorial department at the Spanish Town Hospital and was rostered for the night shift last Tuesday. She left the infant under the supervision of her 18-year-old son and 15-year-old daughter.

"Mi leave out minutes to 8 o'clock and mi baby was watching Cocomelon. When mi reach work mi text mi son and him tell mi say mi friend come for the baby. Mi friend didn't call mi and tell mi say him was gonna come for him suh mi kiss mi teeth and ask why him come for him," she said.

Williams said when she got home on Wednesday morning, she realised that little Devon was not at home. She said she went to her friend's home to collect her baby and was shocked.

"When mi look mi see mi baby nah move or anything. One a the baby eye shut down and the next eye open. When mi lift up mi baby hand, it drop down. Mi start bawl out and mi friend girlfriend come and take the baby from mi and start shake him and say him look sick and mi must take him to the doctor," she said.

Little Devon was rushed to a doctor's office but was given a referral to the Spanish Town Hospital.

A frantic Williams demanded an explanation and said she was told that her friend had lost his balance and the baby fell from his grip. Little Devon was transferred to the Bustamante Hospital for Children on Wednesday.

"On Thursday him never did a breathe suh strong and the doctor said it was a 50/50 chance. The doctors tried everything that them could do and dem show we on a machine how him brain look, suh him never did ago make it. On Saturday dem call we to come hospital and is there suh we find out say him dead," Williams said.

Brooks said he is having a hard time coming to terms with the death of his son. He said he is still mourning the loss of his first son who was murdered two years ago in Harbour View.

"From mi baby deh a hospital mi in there with him every day. Mi can't eat from him dead and is like mi don't feel hungry. Mi son full a energy was very healthy and mi sister overseas was planning to take him.

Is about two weeks ago mi and mi son go a funeral and the owner for the funeral home a play with him and see it deh, is the same man mi a go to fi make funeral plans for mi baby. Mi just wah know what really happen," the distraught man said.

The police's Corporate Communications Unit reported that the 18-year-old son and a neighbour are currently in police custody on suspicion of negligence. They have not been charged.

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