Teacher Boyfriend Killed in 2019; Possible Same HIT sent in 2021

Person of Interest In Murder of Female School Teacher Charged With Murder of A Taxi Man Who Was Reportedly Her Former Lover

Damaine Daye, Taxi Driver who was killed two years ago (left) and Chanel Smith, Teacher who was gunned down earlier this month.

Domaine Robinson, the man who last week turned himself into the St. Elizabeth Police after being listed as a person of interest, has been charged with Murder and Conspiracy to Commit Murder in connection with the killing of a taxi driver two years ago.

Robinson is the relative of a man who is also being investigated in connection with the murder of school teacher, Chanel Smith.

Miss Smith, 28, was shot and killed two weeks ago outside the Sandy Bank Infant School in St. Elizabeth by one of two men who opened fire at her as she was about to enter the school yard.

After Smith was killed, the police listed Domaine Robinson as a person of interest in connection with her murder.

The investigation took a turn yesterday when Robinson was charged in connection with a July 22, 2019 incident where it was reported that about 6:15p.m., 41-year-old taxi operator, Damaine Daye, was gunned down in Southfield, St. Elizabeth.

The deceased taxi operator was reportedly parked in the town square when two men approached him; one of them then reportedly pulled a firearm and shot him several times to the chest.

He was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Twenty-eight-year-old Robinson, who is also known as ‘Domaine Myles’ and ‘Lizard’ was charged following an interview in the presence of his attorney.

His court date is being arranged.

The police say Robinson remains in custody as they continue their investigation into another case.

Nationwide News understands that the police are theorizing that Robinson was involved in the murder of the taxi driver and may have committed the act on behalf of a relative.

The taxi driver was reportedly alleged to have been in a relationship with Miss Smith which reportedly angered the relative of Robinson.