Teacher Killer 'Star Boy Myles' Captured And Now in Police Custody

The police have now detained a person of interest in the murder of 28-year-old Sandy Bank, St Elizabeth teacher Chanel Smith.

The police say Domane Robinson otherwise called 'Domane Myle' or 'Star Boy Myles' was held late Tuesday.

Smith, who was a teacher at the Sandy Bank Infant School, was attacked near the gate to the institution as she made her way to class on Tuesday morning.

The police report that about 7:40 a.m., Smith, who resided in Sandy Bank, was walking towards the school when she was approached by two men.

One pulled a handgun and opened fire hitting her multiple times. The men then escaped.

The men had apparently been awaiting the teacher while they pretended to be repairing their broken motorcycle.

A friend wrote: For all the people who are saying Chanel Smith must have done something to be murdered.

I know Chanel’s relative personally.
Chanel was in an abusive relationship for the last few years.
I’ve received information that she might have been killed because she ended that relationship.
There are other details to support that stance that I cannot divulge here.
Before some a uno, me see a woman a seh if she did so innocent why smady woulda run her down and pump seven bullets in her,
Some uno cold no bloodclaat.
In today’s Jamaica, it nuh tek nutten fe people kill you.
Uno try to justify someone being murdered so y’all can feel safe in your little world.