Headless Body Found i Car Park; 'Killing Machine' Shot Dead by Cops

A man in his mid 60's, known only as 'Nutsy', was beheaded this morning inside the St Ann's Bay car park.

He was allegedly killed by a man believed to be of unsound mind.

Linton Bailey, Deputy Superintendent in charge of crime in St Ann, said the police were alerted that someone was being beheaded in the car park at approximately 4 am.

Upon the officers' arrival, a headless body was found at the front of a shop in the park.

The officers then proceeded to an old building where a mentally ill man known only as 'Souljie' resided.

The lawmen say he had the deceased's head and a breadfruit in a fire that he had started.

An attempted to arrest Souljie proved futile and so he was shot and killed after launching an attack on a senior officer with a machete.