Man Dead After Residents Intervened And De-escalated Squabble

A fight between two men in Highgate, St Mary on Thursday morning, only hours after a similar altercation between them was quelled by residents, resulted in the death one of the men.

Residents identified the deceased man as Gary Graham, who was said to have been in his 50s.

Reports are that on Tuesday, Graham and the other man had an argument in the town, which escalated into a fight.

Residents intervened and de-escalated the incident.

Further reports are that shortly after 8am on Wednesday, both men got engaged in another fight, during which a knife was used to stab Graham to the upper section of his body.

He succumbed to his injuries at the scene before he could be assisted to the hospital.

Police at the scene confirmed that the suspect was apprehended, and is in their custody.

Head of the St Mary police, Superintendent Bobbette Morgan-Simpson, when contacted, also confirmed that the suspect is in custody.

Investigations are ongoing into the development.

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