18-Y-O Girl Found Stuffed in Suitcase at Rockfort, Kingston

Even as she kissed the child, she forced a smile to hide the pain she felt following the discovery of her 18-year-old daughter's body that was found stuffed in a suitcase in Rockfort in Kingston on Saturday.

Tricia Gentles (Mother)

Gentles described her daughter, Nikashae Guy, as a fun-loving girl, but said that she was 'hard ears' as she wouldn't listen to warnings.

"My daughter is a party person, love dancing and love run joke and she kind bad. The only problem mi have with her is that she nuh hear. She nuh

listen when mi talk to har and see it cause har death deh," she lamented.

She said that she warned her daughter of the company she was keeping, but the teen was too happy go lucky to hear.

"I warn her every day and night seh fi careful a fren cause a fren dem a go use fi get har out. She mek mi heart hurt me because she get death threat recently, and she nuh stop go which part di person deh. Everyday she mek mi heart race and mi fret, and see it deh now, mi heart finally break cause she dead. And a same suh she and har father can't gree cause him talk to her fi di right, and she nuh want hear. Him love har so till. Right now, him round deh a mad," she said.

Gentles, who lives in Dunkirk, Kingston 2, stated that she did everything possible to keep her off the streets, but her daughter chose friends above all else.

"Mi wash, cook, and clean fi har. Mi do everything fi she stay in. Mi buy gospel CDs fi she stay in cause she love listen gospel. My God, mi buy one heap a DVD fi she watch, and nuh matter wah mi do she nah tan ya. Mi glad seh mi neva put har out when people a tell mi fi dweet cause if mi did put har out and this happen mi wuda drop dung dead," she said.

The mother said that although Nikashae was a stubborn daughter, she was a beautiful soul who gave jokes and loved to laugh.

"Mi miss har joke dem, and inna the last part before she dead, a pure turkey neck she want fi eat. She nice man. When she buy one single ice cream is eight persons eat from it. Mi miss mi gyal and up to now mi nuh look pon har dead picture," Gentles said, fighting back the tears.

Nikashae's sister, Nikita Guy, who went to identify the body observed that there were no gunshot or stab wounds but her skull was exposed and her face was covered with flies.

"It look like dem beat and torture her to death. Mi heart! Wi war every day over charger, but a my sister that. My nice clean pretty teeth sister," she said.