Gunmen Planning to Shoot-up Community Ambushed by Cops in Manchester

One gunman was left dead and another is in police custody after the Mandeville police foiled a murder plot yesterday in Manchester.

 Reports are that the police received information that armed men were heading to the Greenvale community in the parish to commit a murder..

Based on the information, the cops intercepted the motor car in which the gunmen were travelling in along the Winston Jones Highway. After the interception, the officers were greeted with gunfire as the men tried to escape in nearby bushes.
A shootout ensued between the cops and the gunmen, and after the smoke cleared, the police came out victorious.
One of the gunmen
was killed in the process. He has been identified as Andrew Anthony Chambers of Farm district in Spur Tree, Manchester. The other gunman has been detained.
An officer was struck in the vest, and another was injured by a stick.. Both will fully recover..