Robbers Cleans Out JN Money Shop, Beat-up Security, Thief Him Gun

JN has released surveillance images of an armed robbery at the JN Bank Moneyshop in Whitehouse, Westmoreland on Tuesday morning.

The robbers escaped with $3.3 million and a security guard's firearm in the incident which took place at approximately 11.40 am, according to the financial institution. 

JN released images from surveillance footage which show three gun-toting male suspects in action during the robbery.

The photos show two of the three robbers wearing denim jeans, masks and caps; while the other appears in a hooded sweatshirt and mask.

JN Bank, in a news release, stated that the incident occurred at approximately 11.40 am.

jn robbery 1

jn robbery 2

"None of the four employees or members of the public who were at the location was harmed; however, an armed security guard assigned to the location by Guardsman was injured during the incident. He has since received medical treatment," the company said.

The gunmen stole cash of approximately $3.2 million and the security guard’s firearm, the company said, adding that the hoodlums made their getaway in a stolen taxicab.

The location is currently closed and the police and JN's security partners, Guardsman, are now on the scene conducting investigations.