Hero Dad Killed Protecting Daughter From Being Abducted Outside Home

57 years old Accountant, Mr.Stepheson Mcpherson, of Bogue Heights, St. James was shot and killed on Wednesday, afternoon in St. James, Jamaica.

Reports are that the daughter of the now-deceased man was on her way home from work when she was blocked by men travelling in a car who made certain sexual advances towards her and demanded her to enter a car.

It is reported that the female resisted and was standing along the road when her father came to her assist her and was shot in his face by one of the men who attempted to lure his daughter into their car.

He drove his vehicle towards the men in an apparent bid to rescue his daughter. However, before he was able to exit his vehicle, one of the men opened gunfire, hitting him in the face.

McPherson lost control of the vehicle, which crashed through his neighbour’s fence. During the commotion, his daughter managed to escape while her attackers jumped back into their vehicles and sped away.