Both Wives Killed And Bodies Partially Burnt Does Look Fishy

The Late Tonia Mcdonald (Left) and The Late Andreen Mcdonald (Right) along with Andreen's Daughter.

Andreen Found dead July 11, 2019.

Tonia Found Dead July 20, 2020.

Both women had been Found partially burnt.

The Husbands of both women are allegedly Father and Son. Andreen's husband Andre Mcdonald was charged with her murder in July 2019.

Tonia's Husband Everton Mcdonald More popularly known as 'Beechy Stout' has lost 2 wives, Tonia Mcdonald & Merlene Hope Mcdonald in the space of 11 years.

Both his wives were murdered.

If Beechy and Andre are in fact Father and son, it would mean that between both men, they would've lost a total of 3 wives to Murder in the space of 11 years.

Fingers are not being pointed here just trying to add pieces to an unfinished puzzle ...