Woman Found With Throat Slashed Inside Burning Car

Police detectives are now combing through sections of Sherwood Forest in eastern Portland following the discovery of the body of the wife of a prominent businessman. 

Police sources say the body of Tonia McDonald, wife of businessman Everton 'Beachy Stout ' McDonald was discovered shortly after 9 p.m Monday.

The throat was slashed and the body partially burned.

The incident happened more than 10 kilometres from Dolphin Bay, where the woman lived.

According to the police, an alarm was raised after a burning vehicle was spotted in a secluded area in Sherwood Forest. 

Firefighters rushed the scene and put out the fire amid rain.

The body was later found inside the vehicle.

The police theorise that the woman was abducted, murdered, and then the car set ablaze.

In May 2009, McDonald's first wife, Merlene, was gunned down outside her gate at Boundbrook near the entrance to Spring Bank Road.