Semi-Nude Body of Woman Found in Clarendon

The semi-nude body of a 57-year-old woman was found at her home in Grantham district in Frankfield, Clarendon on Monday morning.

She has been identified as Glasmin Brown, a domestic helper.

Police said initial investigations have not pointed to any foul play in connection with the death, but they are conducting further investigations.

According to information received, Brown was last seen alive about 10:00 am last Thursday in the district. She was not heard from or seen over the next few days.


Police said around 9:00 this morning, residents checked her home and discovered her lifeless body on the floor. The authorities were subsequently summoned.

Lawmen who arrived on the scene found the body lying face down in her one-bedroom concrete dwelling house.

She was clad in a multicoloured floral dress, nude lower half, with what appeared to be blood beneath the upper body and a wound to the face.

Investigators at the scene said it appeared the now-deceased died from natural causes, and the wound to her face was a result of her falling face-first to the ground.

It was further observed that several empty packets of Perazodin, which is used as a blood thinner for persons affected by blood clotting, were found in the house and out in the yard.

Residents said they were aware that Brown suffered from high blood pressure.

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