High-Way Crash Victims Had Gunshot Wounds

Reports are emerging that three of the people involved in the two-vehicle crash on the Edward Seaga Highwayon Sunday were found with gunshot wounds.

Police reports are that at about 6:30 pm, five people were in a Nissan Sylphy travelling along the highway when the driver lost control and crashed into another motor car.

That incident took place at the Caymanas exit of the highway.

Reports are that three occupants including a three-month-old baby were in the other motor car.

One man from the Nissan Sylphy was pronounced dead on the spot.  All the victims from both vehicles were taken to the hospital.

Additional investigation by the police has revealed that there were three injured people in the Nissan Sylphy and that the driver was rushing to carry them to the hospital when he lost control of the vehicle and it collided.

Reports from police sources are that the man that was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash was one of the gunshot victims.

It is not clear at this time if he succumbed from injuries received in the crash or from the gunshot wounds.

Several of the men in the Nissan Sylphy are believed to be from the Spanish Town area.

Sources report that the men in the Nissan Sylphy were coming from St Ann where the vehicle was shot up.

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