😭 22-Year-old Woman Killed Weeks Before Wedding

When 22-year-old Shamoy Borah left home in Comma Pen, St Elizabeth, on Tuesday, her family had no idea it would be the last time they saw her alive.

Borah, who is said to have had plans to marry her partner, who lives abroad, in a matter of weeks, was one of two individuals shot and killed along Barrette Piece on the Kendal main road in the parish on Wednesday.

The other victim was identified as 29-year-old Damion Robinson, otherwise called Bleachaz of a Mike Town district, Manchester address.

The reports are that at approximately 12:15 a.m., Borah and Robinson were travelling in a grey Toyota Mark X motor car with another female, on their way from a party, when they were attacked. Residents who heard explosions alerted the police who subsequently found the two suffering from gunshot wounds.

Borah, who was taken to the hospital by citizens, succumbed to her injuries while undergoing treatment. Robinson was pronounced dead on arrival. The other female escaped unharmed.

"She left home to go to Junction, but then she left to go to Mandeville to a party. She wasn't working last night she was just going out ... But we expected her to come back home," said Borah's mother Chanice Morrison.

Borah, who worked as a promotional dancer, is described as a friendly, jovial lover of life who got along with almost everyone.

"When I heard about the incident, I just run out of my house and run over the house that she lived because me couldn't believe. Everyone is crying. Her siblings, her twin brother, family, friends, community. And I don't know if it is because she sees us crying, but her daughter keeps crying saying she want her mommy.

It is just rough on us now. Nobody went to school or work this morning," Morrison added.

Morrison said that although she is trusting the police to ensure justice is served, there will always be a void in her heart.

"She and her partner were making preparations for next month and I think they even paid for the place already and he bought the rings.

He is still in disbelief. He doesn't believe we are telling the truth that she is gone. Everyone is just devastated," she said.

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