My Mother Put-Out My 12-Year-old Daughter to Man, 3 Pregnancies ; 3 Abortions

While she worked in another parish for months in 2014, this mother said she was completely unaware that her 12-year-old daughter was being molested by a man more than twice her age.

The girl said she was impregnated three times and all pregnancies were aborted. At the time, the girl was under the care of her grandmother.

"I found out about everything after everything. My daughter speak out everything and tell me after. I was in the dark. She was living with my mother, and my mother did know all of what was taking place. It's the first I have ever been through stress in life like this. I don't sleep at night-time because of all of what I have been through. I never knew I would be living until today." she told.

Now 20, she said she first met the accused man back in 2014 when she left school and followed a friend to visit her mother at her place of work. At the time, she was a first-form student.

She said the man inquired about her name and when she told him, he asked if he could get her number. She gave the man her number and added that, "He started to call me and text me, he started to bring up certain arguments. He asked me if he could meet me after school, and when he met me after school that's when the contact started."

She also alleged that her grandmother was aware of the abuse. There were arguments that there was no forensic evidence or witnesses to support the allegations, and that the alleged victim suffered from a mental condition. The 20-year-old's biggest remorse, which has resulted in her wishing she were dead, is the fact that she was too afraid to go forward with the matter to seek justice for herself. When the case was brought before the court, as a teen then, she indicated that she did not want to proceed.

Her mother, who said she still struggles to come to terms with what happened to her daughter, revealed that she has cut her mother out of her life.

"My daughter has been with her and when everything came out, she [mother] made a report that I knew about the pregnancies and everything. Me nuh deal with my mother no more. I don't talk to her. She was the one who put out my daughter to the man. I never know that a mother coulda really wicked like that," she told, noting that family members also turned their backs on her daughter after everything came to light. 

"They look down on her and she get a whole heap of disrespect and all sorts of things. Family from my mother side and father side; nobody never stand up for her. Nobody at all. My daughter has been through a lot."

Aggravated, the single mother also lamented that the absence of a father figure left her daughter vulnerable and exposed the elements.

"It wasn't even years. I was working in another parish for couple months. To how I see it, it come like these pregnancies happened behind one another. I think that if she was under a father care, these things wouldn't reach her," she said.

"Her father doesn't take care of her. It's just me one and it is very hectic. No matter how I ask for help, there is nobody to help. I do what I can do for her. Sometimes, when I work now, I will give her a $20,000 for maintenance. But there are certain things sometimes that she want and can't get. I try as a mother," she added.

And because of the unfortunate ordeal, her daughter wasn't able to complete high school. Recently, she said she tried to ensure that she attend classes and sit Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) examinations to attain "some subjects". She also enrolled her into a cosmetology programme.

"I was told that she is not learning any at all. And I still went and paid $100,000 for her to do a hairdressing course, and she still wasn't focusing. I try a lot. Right now, I need some help towards my daughter. Mi need some help. The help weh me have to give her right now, it is not big enough. And she always sit down and stress about all of these things," she stressed.

"She wanted to become a doctor or a lawyer. I have been through a rough time. Stress! Mi nerves damaged. The eight years that I have been through with all of this stress, mi not even get back to where I was. It's me one stand up as a mother through all of this stress."

The mother says at times, she still questions why her daughter didn't tell her about the disturbing events.

"I was very upset. And I am not going to tell any lie... sometimes I am still upset. Sometimes I still tell her that she should've talked about all these things. And I cuss her nuff time because this put me through a lot. This carry me down on my face."

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