Two-year-old Twins Perished in Fire While Sleeping; Houses Burnt Flat

Trauma and sorrow were etched on the faces of residents of Belgium, a community in Grants Pen, St Andrew, after learning that two-year-old twins, Nahaila and Nieelia Pinnock had perished in a fire on Thursday night.

The remains of the twins could be seen on the bed at which they had been sleeping.

Residents said they were alerted to the fire and tried to assist, but it was units from the Rolling Town and York Park Fire Stations that were able to battle the fire and save other houses from burning to the ground.

Councillor for the of the Waterloo Division and Deputy Mayor Winston Ennis said two houses were completely burnt down, leaving 21 people, including 13 children, homeless..

One of the affected residents, Sheidi Graham, who lost everything in the fire, said she does not know how the fire started but said that the twin's grandmother was outside hanging out clothes and by the time she realised that there was a fire she could not get to her grandchildren because the windows to the room had been grilled.

“Mi no know how mi ago manage widout dem; from dem born a just mi and dem, everything mi do a fi dem,” she said as the tears started to flow down her cheeks again.

“Dem father no know how dem eat sleep or drink; a just dem grandfather help me with dem,” Rogers added.

The grandmother was told by a five-year-old grandchild that something was wrong. “But at that time she never tell it was a fire, because if she did know say a fire she would a run go back inna the house before it get big,”. “A one man come out and a shout fire, fire!”.

All was save is a TV and somebody stole it.