Gunmen Shoots up 'Chinese Brinks' in Manchester; 'Shotta' Driver Escape With Injuries

MANCHESTER, Jamaica — Two Chinese nationals received minor injuries following a brazen robbery attempt and attack by gunmen on Kendal Road in Mandeville on Monday.

Head of the Manchester police Superintendent Shane McCalla confirmed that the incident happened mid-morning.

He said police investigators believe the gunmen were after cash being transported by the Chinese men.

“They (gunmen) tried to stop the vehicle. We believe they were after an undetermined sum of money in the vehicle,” said McCalla.

The Chinese nationals reportedly sped off at which time the gunmen opened fire on the vehicle.

The Chinese nationals were reportedly grazed and treated at hospital.

Superintendent McCalla is appealing to business people and citizens to remain vigilant and use security arrangements to transport large sums of cash.

“They should seek to put in the necessary security arrangements, so as to mitigate incidents like these,” he said.

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