Man Shot in The Butt; Taking a P!ss' ; Bullet Grazed Man-hood

ST ANDREW, Jamaica— Police are probing a bizarre shooting in which a man was allegedly shot in the buttocks and his penis was grazed by a bullet.

The weird incident occurred along a gully on Sandy Park Road in St Andrew Saturday afternoon.

The police said about 3:10 pm, the 26-year-old man, who is a resident of the area, was among a group of men playing a game of cards when he felt the urge to urinate.


The police said that while relieving himself the injured man heard several loud explosions and simultaneously felt a burning sensation on his right buttock.

He reportedly returned to where he was playing cards, after which he observed blood coming from his rear.

He was assisted by a friend to the University Hospital of the West Indies where he was treated for a gunshot wound received to his right buttock and a graze to his penis.

The matter was reported to the police after the man left the hospital.

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