Man Who Sexually Assaulted ‘Mental’ Underage Girl Granted Freedom

St Elizabeth man was last week freed of engaging in sexual activities with a girl who reportedly suffers from an intellectual disability after the crown said she could not testify.

Winston Farquharson, a resident of Bethsalem in the parish, was freed of having sexual intercourse with a person under the age of 16 when he appeared in the St Elizabeth Circuit Court on Thursday.

The incident is said to have occurred some eight years ago.

It is alleged that in May of 2014, Farquharson had sex with the female when she was then a juvenile.

Following the incident, it was reported to the police, who launched a manhunt for Farquharson when he fled the area.

He was arrested and charged days later.

In court on Thursday, prosecutors told presiding High Court Judge, Justice Vaughn Smith, that the complainant would be unable to give evidence, due to her intellectual challenges and limited mental capacity.

As such, the crown offered no evidence against Farquharson.

He was later told by the judge that he was free to go.

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