14-Year-Old Girl’s Body Found Burnt, Dumped in Arnett Gardens, St Andrew

The body of a 14-year-old,  Yetanya Francis, a student who went missing from her community in Arnett Gardens,  St Andrew on Thursday night, August 23rd, was discovered burnt and dumped at another section of the community, a day later.

The police are now saying that they believe that the teen was raped,  killed,  and her body dumped and set on fire at the location.

The Arnett Gardens Police have reported that about 8:30 pm, on Thursday,  family members of the missing teen,  launched out on a  massive search for her after it was discovered that she was missing.

An alarm was raised on Friday, August 24th, shortly after 11:00 am, when community members stumbled upon a burnt body, which was dumped at a section of the area,  known as Twelve Street.


Family members went to investigate and discovered that the body was that of missing Yetanya .

The police were summoned and upon arrival, the scene was processed,  and an investigation carried out.  The lawmen have reported that based on evidence found at the murder scene,  it is believed that the teenage girl was raped,  and her body dumped at the location and set on fire.

The police High command has pledged that they will not leave any stones unturned into this latest killing.

In the meanwhile close family members of the slain Yetanya Francis,  say they are now very upset, with the actions of the police.

According to the disgruntled family members,  after it discovered that the Yetanya went missing,  they immediately went to the Arnett Gardens Police Station for help, but they were sent into shock, to find the station door closed.

And they did not get a positive response from the station. If this did not occur,  they say,  maybe the child’s life could have been spared.