Mentally Ill Man Stabs Hospital Employee in St. Thomas

A mentally ill man receiving treatment at the Princess Margaret Hospital in St. Thomas, attacked an employee, stabbing her multiple times. 

The incident took place at the facilities gate. Moments later the police were called to the scene.

Mark Lynch, the 19-year-old mentally unstable man, went to the hospital, on the Psychiatric Unit, on Tuesday, December 7, for treatment.

During this time, he became enraged and allegedly physically attacked a female employee, stabbing her several times.

It is unclear what he used to inflict the near-fatal wounds and how he gained possession of it on the ward.

Director for the South East Regional Health Authority, Errol Greene says the police were summoned which resulted in Lynch being shot.

The incident comes hours before INDECOM’s quarterly report that revealed between January and November this year, 13 percent of people who have been shot by members of the security forces suffered from a mental illness.

Luckily, Lynch is considered stable.

He and the hospital employee, are receiving hospital care.

The incident brings to two, in recent days, where a person allegedly grappling with mental illness has been shot after attacking mental health workers.

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