Five Young Jamaicans Among a Fugitive Held on Drug Charges in Florida

Five Jamaican men who allegedly fled with another man who is wanted in connection to a deadly shooting in Brooklyn, United States last month, were arrested by police and slapped with drug charges in Florida, USA.

Anelka Green was wanted for allegedly firing several shots inside a restaurant in October, resulting in the death of an innocent bystander.

According to a report from the WJHG newsroom on Tuesday, Green was tracked down to Panama City Beach in Florida, where he was arrested at his condominium with five Jamaican men who were described as his "associates".

The Jamaicans - Jaheim Cox, 19; Shamar Wedderburn, 22; Renato Campbell, 22; Shamarie Livingston, 22; and Kevar Taylor, 19 - were all charged with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, possession of MDMA, and possession of paraphernalia.

Reports on social media suggest that the Jamaican men are from an inner-city community in the Corporate Area.

Green is also charged with th offences that have been laid against the Jamaicans, but he was slapped with additional offences, including being a "fugitive from justice for the charges of robbery and homicide", the media report stated.

Further, he is charged with giving false names to law enforcement officials (LEO).

It is alleged that Green was involved in an argument at a restaurant in Brooklyn in October. Shortly after leaving, he returned and fired several shots into the building.

When the shooting subsided, an innocent bystander was found with a bullet wound, and that unidentified person later succumbed to the injuries that were sustained.

The US Marshal Service contacted the Bay County Sheriff's deputies in Florida on November 9, for assistance in locating Green, who the former suspected had fled to the Panama City Beach area.

Late last week, law enforcement officials confirmed that Green was staying at a condominium in Panama City Beach, and obtained a search warrant.

After the search of the building was concluded, Green and five others were detained when "several hundred grams of marijuana, MDMA pills and more than US$23,000" were seized, the report said.

It added: "Deputies say (the) men were from Jamaica and came to Panama City Beach with Green after he committed the shooting."

Interestingly, Green was out on bond in New York relative to a firearm charge from September of this year, when he allegedly fired shots inside the restaurant in Brooklyn.

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