Jamaican Female Dancer Found Dead in Antigua

UPDATED: The body of a female dancer believed to be Jamaican was found in another Caribbean island over the weekend.

According to sources, the woman whose given name is Sheika was found by her boss.

Sources also say the cause of death is a possible overdose.

There has been no official report on the discovery neither have there been arrangement for the body to be shipped back to Jamaica.

An appeal has been made to anyone with information to please contact the Jamaican authorities for a proper investigation to be done.

One commenter wrote:

It is ilegal to dance everywhere because I was on a flight to antigua and I wasn't even literate to what these girls were doing at the time.. and when we reached antigua and these immigration started to talk and treat us jamaicans like shit I got up and move away from those girls cause I know that talk about prostitution wasn't for me....

I had to cuss and talk up for myself up there because they decided that all of us was gonna get a return flight home.. that's when I realize that's what these girls were doing..

these girls go everywhere and dance and sell in the carribean... these girls put their lives in so much danger going to these Island doing what they doing.. Trinidad should have been the last place someone should wanna go especially to do that...those guys are heartless...

I can strongly say Jamaica and Trinidad is neck and neck right now where volience is concerned...by the way am jamaican.

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