Beware of a White ‘Redplate’ Probox Taxi Robbing Passengers In Portmore

Commuters are being urged to be vigilant before boarding taxis within the portmore area as currently there is a white Toyota pro box affixed with a red license plate posing as a Public passenger vehicle with armed men aboard.

According to one victim who narrowly escape the vehicle, she and another woman boarded a taxi having the driver and another man aboard at the ‘maxi’ bus stop across from portmore mall.

While heading to half way tree via the highway, the male passenger pulled on a mask, brandished a gun and demanded money.

The female at the back was robbed of her cellphone, cash and other valuables, the female on the front was also robbed of valuables and her debit card.

The taxi made attempts to withdraw cash at ATM’s in the 3 miles area from the woman’s card.

Quick action from the woman at the back led to her narrow escape.

It is not known what happened to the woman on the front.

Victims of this and/or similar incidents are being asked to inform the police so as to put an end to this criminal activity.

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