Overstayed Jamaican Travelling on Dead Man's Passport

CAYMAN ISLANDS - A Jamaican man on Monday pleaded guilty to overstaying in the Cayman Islands for 10 years after he was caught trying to depart the country on a passport of a man who was killed four years ago.

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According to the Cayman Compass newspaper, Dennis Augustus Ramsay also admitted to altering a travel document when he appeared in the Summary Court. He is to be sentenced for both offences in September.  

It was reported that Ramsay was arrested in May when he attempted to board a flight to Honduras.

A Cayman Airways agent flagged the Jamaican's passport as being suspicious based on the air bubbles observed, as well as Ramsay's strong Jamaican accent.

He was subsequently arrested.

Checks subsequently revealed that the name in the passport was that of Dougmore Wright, who was shot and killed in Cayman in March 2018.

Ramsay was not implicated in the killing, but he allegedly paid CI$3,000 for the passport.

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