7 Y-O 'Buggered' With Stick by Schoolmates, Mom Thrown in Jail 7 Y-O 'Buggered' With Stick by Schoolmates, Mom Thrown in Jail

7 Y-O 'Buggered' With Stick by Schoolmates, Mom Thrown in Jail

A woman in Trelawny is calling for justice after alleging that her seven year old son was physically abused by other boys at the Clarks Town Primary School in the parish a week ago. 

The woman says her son came and told her four male students, three she said of her son's age, along with an older boy, held him down while he was using the bathroom and inserted a piece of stick into his rectum.

He was treated at Falmouth Hospital and given medication.

The mother said she went to the school the following day to find out what had happened. 

She said the parents of the other boys were called in, but she is not satisfied with how the situation was handled by the school. 

The woman said she visited Clarks Town police station on Friday to make a formal complaint but ended up being locked up and charged with disorderly conduct.

The woman was locked up in front of her four children who had accompanied her to the station.

The police called the children's grandmother and placed them in her care.

The woman was offered bail the following day. 

When RJR News visited Clarks Town police station, it was confirmed that the woman was arrested and charged but no report on the matter concerning her son was taken from her. 

Superintendent Dwight Powell, the new commanding officer for the Trelawny police, was just hearing about the incident when we brought it to his attention on Monday.

Superintendent Powell said he has assigned a senior officer to investigate.