Father And Son Still Missing From ‘Good Friday’

The family of Roderick O’Connor and his son, Roderick Jr, of Olympic Gardens in St Andrew, are desperate to find them.

They have not seen or heard from them since Good Friday.

Brooklyn White, the senior O’Connor’s niece, said she last heard from her uncle on Good Friday when he called her to say that he was in Westmoreland.

“I asked him what was he doing in Westmoreland, and he laughed. That’s it I never heard from him again,” White told The media.

She said that subsequent calls to her uncle’s phone have gone unanswered, and she wants to know what has happened to her relatives.

According to White, O’Connor has no known friends and family in Westmoreland. She also noted that his travel documents are still at home.

“He originates from Rodney Road (Olympic Gardens). He doesn’t know anyone in Westmoreland, and if anyone was coming to him they would come to the house. It is the first he has done anything like this,” she said.

The family reported the matter to the police last Thursday, however, they were reportedly told to return on Saturday to file the missing person report, which was done.

The Olympic Gardens police have confirmed that an investigation has begun.

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