Prostitutes Being Beaten And Robbed of Cash And Phones on Holidays

Some prostitutes operating in the Corporate Area are complaining that robbers are targeting them especially during the festive season, usually a peak period for the sex trade.

“Men come out here and watch in corner who making money and rob them. They even present themselves as clients to buy, then take back their money and other money the worker has,” a member of the Sex Workers Association who calls herself ‘Blue Bells’, explained.

Another sex worker, Latty Brown*, who has been operating near New Kingston for two years, told THE STAR in an interview that she is now scared to carry out her trade, after being attacked by armed robbers twice in two months.

She explained that last month, two men approached her on a bike and asked if she was doing ‘business’, and upon responding in the affirmative, she was attacked with a knife.

“One of them came off the bike and said, ‘Hey gyal, gimme you phone before me cut up you face’,” Brown shared, adding that she quickly complied.

She was again attacked this week, but managed to outrun the attacker.

Brown said she believes they are hot targets because the robbers are aware that some workers take home well over $30,000 on what is considered a good night.



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