'Back Street' Hotspot in Trelawny For Prostitution Takes Toll on Residents

Prostitutes have taken over a section of Falmouth in Trelawny and are now a bother to residents in an area called Back Street.

Clive Blair, superintendent in charge of Trelawny Police, told THE STAR that he is aware of the activity and the nuisance it is causing to residents.

"We are putting plans together to deal with the situation. We cannot divulge our plans as yet," he said.

At nightfall in the western parish, prostitutes can be seen approaching vehicles in a manner similar to the way windscreen cleaner target vehicles at stoplights, offering their services.

While the activity is a nuisance to many, Lois Bryce, a deacon at a prominent church in the town, said "it is better for them to be doing what they are doing rather than going around robbing people of their valuables and money."

A few of the women who indulges in the 'business' stated that their main involvement in prostitution is simply to make ends meet.

"One of the prostitutes is a mother of seven children. She gets limited support from the five fathers. So for her, it is a lucrative way of earning a living to take care of her kids,"

An eighty-four-year-old man who lives in the area said history is repeating itself. Back in the days when sugar was king, sailors would come to this same street to a building called Bawdy House, where they would meet prostitutes. The house is still there, but not operational.

"It is not linked to the cruise ship industry, because it is mostly a night activity and no cruise ship is docked during the night. We are not seeing them having sex on our property, but they are right under my window throughout the night, and the arguments and language used are a constant disturbance, " the old man said.

Meanwhile, 'Backroad' in Portmore continues to be the top ranked business spot for prostitution.



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