My Cousin Gets Addicted to This P0rn Site And Its All my Fault

This all started when a cousin of mine asked if i know any online job which pays real money reason being she has just gotten a brand new laptop and wants to help her boyfriend with the bills who works two jobs daily.

I do online jobs for a living and my position and field is a bit too technical for her to manage but finding a job to fit her needs is pretty difficult being that there are several online scams out there which have you sharing links and getting no pay.

She was bored and desperately needed a job to occupy her time, but being a stay-at-home mom she had no other alternatives but the web.

She had signed up for multiple affiliate programs online of which seems to take too long to pay and required too much or little work. She has a few school passes and will be going back to school as soon as her baby reaches 5 years old.

I know this porn site which pays GOOD money for cam models of which she insisted on trying after i explained to her the dangers and outcomes after using such service. I delicately sent her the link to register of which a day later she had to provide proof of her age.

All systems go!

My cousin has a very beautiful body and with that unique shape and figure she is irresistible to any man who may approach. Her first time on the site went smoothly and she made a whopping $250 US within a single week. All she did was just talk to her clients, giving them that feel good feeling of which they TIPPED her.

A 20% revenue is deducted and goes back to the companies website which is not that bad being that your using their platform.

She started making a stable $250 - $400 USD every 2 week as her client base grows and each time she would get pay she would squeeze me a drink money.

Her boyfriend was happy with this move and decided to quit the extra less paying job.

I feel better now that my cousin is making some real money. I happen to be browsing the site one day and located her profile, curious to see how things are going so i took a peep to see what's on.

To my surprise I had to double check the profile to be sure that the woman shoving that big toy in her 'vaJJ' isn't, wasn't and couldn't be my cousin. I got so angry, i felt so ashamed.

I've tried calling her but her phone went unanswered. I eventually took time off from work to visit her house and was greeted with this stench, a whore-house smell, coming from her room.

I told her that this shouldn't have went this far, but all I got from her was a line from Alkaline's song, "low mi meck mi live mi life" A my life ...

I feel very bitter inside being responsible for introducing my cousin to the website. She has a 2 year old son and for him to grow up knowing his mom does porn for a living would hurt him both physically and emotionally. I don't think her boyfriend knows what's going on but when he does i know ill be the one to get all the blame.

How can i get my 'clean skin' cousin back the way she was before and back to her family? Open to any advice. 




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