Mass Break-ins: Churches Sends 21-Days Fasting With Death Upon Thieves

The United Pentecostal Church in Benbow, St Catherine, that was robbed last month. Church members of a rural St Catherine community are promising to ‘mould up’ (destroy) the thieves who broke into their church last month.

{xtypo_dropcap}M{/xtypo_dropcap}ission Director of the United Pentecostal Church in Benbow told the news team that they have initiated a 21-day fasting, and if the valuables are not returned, the outcome may not be pretty.

“Dem haffi bring dem back. We are fasting for 21 days, and if dem don’t bring dem back somebody is going to be mould up,” McDonald said.

“And when dem mould up, we nah church dem body. Dem haffi put it pon two chairs out a door.”

McDonald said that the break-in has caused a major set back for the church.

“The thing set us back because we could be using the money to do something else like giving it to people who are in need of it,” McDonald said

According to the Guy’s Hill police, in less than a month the community, which straddles the borders of St Mary, St Ann and St Catherine, has been plagued by crime.

“In the month of September three churches were broken into. They took microphones, speakers, keyboards, amplifiers and other stuffs,” Sergeant Graham told the news team. 

Deacon of the Seventh-Day Baptist in the Waterford section of the community, Vyris Hemans, said that her church has been broken into on numerous occasions.

“They break into it already and I think we caught the guy. This time they stole two keyboards, a microwave, speakers, a radio, and a projector,” Hemans said.

Another member of the community said that she has heard about at least six church break-ins in recent months.

“I don’t know how much is reported, but I hear about at least six break-ins involving the church,” the resident said. “I remember being at a funeral and they apologised for not having a microphone and that was before the last three break-ins.” 



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