Be Careful of American Women Wanting Jamaican Men; Some Are Scammers

I am 55 years old. I have six children who all live in Jamaica. A few years ago I met a woman who is also Jamaican. She was visiting the island and we became friends.

She told me how much she loved me and I became fond of her. She went back to America and we continued to correspond. We spoke on the phone every day. I didn't hide anything from her. She said that I would do well in America with the type of work for which I am qualified.

She knew that I was living with a woman in Jamaica. I spoke to that woman and I told her the truth, that I would like to get the opportunity to better my life. She did not fuss with me. I told her that I would send money for her often. I spoke to my children and told them that I would never abandon them and I would try to help them.

This woman came back to Jamaica and we got married. I eventually joined her in America, and it was then she started to show her colours. All she wanted from me was money. Every cent I earned, I had to give to her.

She didn't want me to send anything to my children's mother, not even to help the younger ones who were in school. I had to get up early in the mornings to catch the train to go to work, and when I got home, I had to cook something to eat. When I asked her if she didn't have anything for me to eat, she said I did not marry a maid. I am a man who was accustomed to be loved by a woman two or three times per week. When I tried to make love to her, she said she did not want me to harass her.

I never got involved with prostitutes in Jamaica, but I got tired of masturbation, so I bought sex on the corner streets in New York. I stopped giving this woman all my money, so she told me I should leave. I found a place to sleep and I moved out. Some Jamaican friends told me how to go about divorcing her and everything has come through, so I am free at last. All this woman wanted from me was my money.

I am warning my Jamaican brothers to be careful with these women who live in America and pretend that they want Jamaican men; many of them are scammers.

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