New Jamaican Movie 'Kingston Paradise' A must watch don't miss it

In desperate, chaotic and violent inner-city Kingston there are few choices for the youth.

They are like street dogs frantic to survive. Small-time hustler, Rocksy (a taxi driver/part-time pimp) with his prostitute "friend" Rosie, dreams of something different - a real life, a future. Rosie's dream is to become "someone", like a nurse. Rocksy, at first, only sees the immediate - the need to make money by any means necessary. In his mind, he is only temporarily in his present abode - a rented room within a dilapidated tenement, but he too has a dream of owning a small business. On the peeling wall, Rosie prominently places a painting she owns that gives them both hope, and something tangible to cling to - it is an exotic beach view of another, more peaceful, world - a world ironically only minutes away.Regardless, they exist miles and worlds apart. With his friend and cohort Malt, Rocksy eyes a fanc y sports car and together they devise a plot to steal it to sell for parts. Parked in front of their humble dwellings, it belongs to a local Lebanese businessman, Faris. Nevertheless, the plot is risky and not well thought out. Rosie is dead set against the plan and is fed up! She now wants out, out of being entangled and out of 'the life'. But she is their bait and Rocksy cannot manage without her.When Rosie finally leaves, Rocksy becomes even more desperate and devastated. He does the unthinkable. In the midst of his frustration, poverty and pain, something changes within him... something rises and like the sun, it sets. In the context and contrasts of the Jamaican landscape, its back-story is political, as the current embedded system doesn't allow for change...  



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